How to relieve the climacteric symptoms?

In the stage of life preceding the occurrence of the last menstrual period (menopause) as a result  of strong hormonal changes you  can feel unpleasant or even troublesome symptoms such as:

• irritability
• tiredness
• depressive disorders,
• headaches,
• hot flashes,
• absent-mindedness
• weight gain,
• insomnia,
• joint pains.
• palpitations.

The occurrence and development of climacteric symptoms depend on several factors. First of all, they are caused by a decrease in the level of estrogens in blood that are responsible for the reduction of pain, euphoria, activity and physical and emotional well-being. For the climacteric symptoms intensity the following factors may also be relevant: individual features of the character, ability to cope with the environment and its changes, self-esteem and selfacceptance, and even environmental factors or socio-economic status.

The most important issues of relieving the premenopausal symptoms are: the support from the family and friends, understanding  and acceptance of changes, drawing your attention to the fascinating hobby, work or helping others.

Well-being can be supported by daily physical activity. It is very important that strengthening exercises or even  long walks should be taken regularly. 

Troublesome symptoms of menopause are eliminated quite effectively by commonly known herbs and supplements:

• unpleasant hot flashes and internal unrest can be treated symptomatically with yarrow,
• salvia is recommended in the case of an excessive sweating,
• evening primrose oil reduces the symptoms caused by hormonal disorders in premenopausal period,
• you may also remember of the magnesium and calcium deficiency treatment  (calcium + vitamin D to prevent osteoporosis).

In the case of particularly severe climacteric symptoms and osteoporosis an individual hormone therapy is conducted which should be done under a doctor’s supervision.

It is worth noting that, according to most researchers, depression often occurring during this period is not caused only by the hormonal changes. It is rather the result of the inability to accept the changes in our bodies and the lack of understanding and support in relations with the environment.

According to the scientific research the brain doesn’t shows any regression at that time and may be even capable of further development.

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